Counsellor, Coulsdon Chipstead SM7
Experience/areas of interest

I spent four years re-training as a counsellor/psychotherapist after a 20-year career as a business journalist. My own experience of having counselling was eventually life-changing, and means that I know how it feels to sit in the other seat.

I have worked with clients experiencing issues including:



Anxiety/panic attacks



Relationship difficulties



Low self-esteem/confidence

Workplace stress


I have particular interest and experience in the following:


* Loss. Working in a bereavement service gave me experience of, and a profound respect for, how people bear their losses and find ways to live. I believe that the experience of loss, whether this is of relationships, identity, health, or the ability to trust, can be a significant underlying factor to many physical and mental health conditions.


* Childhood emotional abuse. This can have far-reaching effects on self-esteem and ability to form relationships in adult life. Therapy can address these patterns.


* Trauma. After something shocking happens to you, whether as a child or adult, it can feel difficult to trust - yourself, others, the world. There are a variety of ways to work with this therapetically, but the most important factor is the establishment of a trusting relationship with a therapist.


* The migrant/first-generation immigrant experience. Having worked with many clients who were either born outside the UK or whose parents were born outside the UK, I am interested in how the aftermath of migration impacts identity and relationships.







About Me

I am an integrative relational counsellor/psychotherapist, meaning that I have received training in a range of different therapeutic approaches, and work according to what is best for each client. I am influenced by theories and research that show that our style of relating to others is fundamental to our development.


My basic grounding is humanistic. I believe that each one of us is ultimately the best judge of what we want and need. I aim to work alongside clients in a compassionate, respectful manner, to help them to find their own voice at their own pace.


Research shows that the relationship between therapist and client is often pivotal in this process. My job is to enable you to feel safe enough to express and understand difficult and sometimes confusing feelings.


My work is also influenced by psychodynamic and attachment theories. These focus on our unconscious patterns of relating; the assumptions we hold about ourselves and others are often rooted in early childhood experiences. Therapy can shed light on these patterns and enable us to make more conscious choices, rather than feel trapped in the attitudes and behaviours of the past.


I am interested in how our life stories become located in the body (i.e patterns of movement or symptoms) as a means of communication, and so I integrate an awareness of the physical along with the mental, emotional and spiritual.

Professional memberships


Mindfulness training (Mindfulness Sussex)


Certificate of Proficiency (BACP)


M.A Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy (Roehampton University)


Specialist training in Loss, Complicated Grief and Traumatic Bereavement (WBS/NHS Wandsworth)


Certificate in Counselling Skills (Mary Ward Centre)


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

BACP registered