Counsellor, Banstead SM7

Hello. How are you?

It takes courage to acknowledge that you are struggling. Maybe you are fed up of pretending everything is fine to your friends, family and work colleagues.


Perhaps something has happened to you that you are having real trouble dealing with - a bereavement, relationship break-up, or a traumatic incident for example. Other people seek counselling because they realise they have felt unhappy for a long time. You may suspect your difficulties are more about how you feel about yourself.


My role is to offer support, understanding, acceptance, perspective and challenge, so that you can explore sometimes painful feelings in an environment of safety and clarity. We can look together at the ways that you tend to relate to yourself and others so that you can make any changes you want.


There is a great healing opportunity in feeling genuinely listened to and understood. In my experience this can enable people to begin to truly understand and accept themselves.



Banstead SM7: Very close to Chipstead and Coulsdon, also easily accessible from Carshalton, Sutton and Epsom. Ample free parking, and a five minute walk from the 166 bus route.